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George d. johnson 

The name JOHN, from whence, through the variations of "John, 
his son," "John's son," comes JOHNSON (the pronoun and possessive 
having been dropped), is, with a varied orthography found in all 
European languages, and in America, with the influx of many for- 
eigners of that name, JOHNSON, bids fair to supersede that of SMITH, 
in Joeing the most numerously represented name in the English language. 

The men of this name have given good account of themselves; have 
possessed sterling qualities of character, and have attained distinction 
in every walk of human effort. 


The preparation of this record has been a pleasant pastime, ex- 
tending over several years, and is given out now, not as complete, 
but as one more mile-post, guiding the way from Edmund, the emi- 
grant, to the generations to come after. 

To those who have so willingly furnished information, kindest 
regards are extended, and the hope expressed that they will continue 
to collect and preserve matter, to the end of supplying material for 
a new edition with more details of the subjects mentioned here, and 
giving the record other additions. 





Freedom, Waldo County, Maine. 

1. Edmund Johnson', was twenty-three years old, a car- 
penter by trade, when in 1635 he, and wife Mary, came 
from Romsey to this country; sailing from London, in the 
Ship James. 

They were residents in Hampton, New Hampshire, as 
early as 1639, where in June, 1640, he was granted a 
house lot, which extended to the common way ; and in Sep- 
tember, "B^o: Crosse w*^ five other brethren are appointed 
to set out unto E'^™= Johnson a little ground about his 
house; not prejudicing the beasts going to drink at the 

Besides this, was a small grant on the other side of the 
road, "about thirty rod, which his house stand of (on) in 
the meeting-house gree; laying near upon a square, joyn- 
ing up to a common way towards the east, otherwise the 
green goeth round about it;" and on February 23, 1646, 
three shares in the cow-common. 

2. James Johnson', [Edmund'], third son of Edmund', 
and Mary Johnson, born in Hampton about 1643, married, 
March 26, 1673, Sarah, daughter of Robert and Eliza- 


beth Daniels, who died in January, 1718. He lived on 
the easterly end of his father's lot; was a millwright by 
trade, and spent several years in Maine. 

A document signed by him December 28, 1670, and 
others up to April 5, 1685, gives his residence as of Hamp- 
ton again: others up to 1700 as of Kittery; but his death 
is entered on the town records of Hampton, where he prob- 
'ably died, June 16, 1715. 

He left no will, but his heirs made a divisional deed of 
the property, according to his known wishes. 

3. James Johnson, Jr.', [James', Edmund'], first 
child of James', and Sarah (Daniels) Johnson, born in 
Hampton, February 4, 1677, married, November 10, 1698, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Ward) Mason, 
born in Hampton, May 5, 1674. 

He settled on a part of his father's home lot, and died 
there, November 6, 1752. 

4. Benjamin Johnson*, [James, Jr.% James', Ed- 
mund'], second child and first son of James, Jr.*, and 
Elizabeth (Mason) Johnson, born at Hampton about 1702, 
married, June 22, 1727, Bethia, first child of John and 
Bethia (Tuck) Marston, born in Hampton, Nov. 17, 1704. 

He moved to Epping, and records show that he pur- 
chased land in 1743 of Israel Gillman, the deed being wit- 
nessed by Joseph Hall and Thomas Toung; which land he 
conveyed to his sons James and Benjamin, the deeds being 
dated January 22, 1784, and recorded in May, 1793, be- 
tween which his death probably occurred; but the exact 
time, or that of his wife's, is not known. 

He was of good standing in the community, being elect- 
ed surveyor of highways and fences; and assessor in 
1748-9 ; constable in 1757. 

5. John Johnson', [Benjamin*, James, Jr.', James% 
Edmund'], sixth child and third son of Benjamin*, and 
Bethia (Marston) Johnson, was born in 1740, baptized 
in Hampton June 14, 1741 ; married, first, Abagail, daugh- 
ter of Bradbury and Elizabeth (Badger) Morrison, born 
in Epping, August 5, 1744, who died at Sanbornton, in 


1777; married second, April 23, 1778, in Sanbornton, by 
Reverand Joseph Woodman, Congregational Minister, (his 
first in the town, and the first entered on the town rec- 
ords), Molly, fifth daughter of EHsha and Lydia (Norris) 
Smith, born in Epping, January 23, 1763 ; she died in San- 
bornton, September 12, 1826 ; he died there May 24, 1825. 
He bought twenty acres of land at Epping of Joseph 
Taylor Wear on February 12, 1765, which he sold to 
Stephen Clark, on July 9, 1774, and it is probable that he 
moved to Sanbornton soon after, as his signature to the 
deed, and that of his wife, Abagail, were acknowledged at 
Sanbornton; but the first record of him there is his signa- 
ture to the "Association Test," which bears date of July 
3, 1776 ; "one day before the signing of the Declaration of 
Independence at Philadelphia;" and is as follows: 

"To show our determination in joyning our American 
Brethren, and in defending the Lives, Liberties, and Prop- 
erties of the Inhabitants of the United Colonies, We, the 
Subscribers, do solomley engage and promis, at the Risque 
of our lives and fortunes, with ARMS, to oppose the Hos- 
tile Proceedings of the British Fleet and Armies against 
the United Colonies." 

Which document is recorded in the "Test Book" at Con- 
cord, page 257. 

He purchased of the proprietors of Sanbornton, lot four, 
of the first division, in the eastern part of the town, near 
the Great Bay. 

He was a carpenter by trade, and had much to do with 
constructing many of the houses in the town; and was 
appointed a committee to inspect the building of a gallery 
in the church; several of his descendants becoming dis- 
tinguished workers in that line. 

Of his large family, the only one surviving in 1877 was 
Mrs. Sally Braun; cheerful and intelligent, who gave valu- 
able aid to the author of the History of Sanbornton. 

"Her first husband's name was Flanders, and a pewter 
teaspoon marked with her initials, S. F., is in possession of 
Mrs. Ada E. Davis, of Ault, Colorado." 


6. Elisha Johnson", [John', Benjamin', James, Jr.', 
James', Edmund'], second child and first son of John°, and 
second wife Molly (Smith) ( ) Johnson, born in San- 
bornton, New Hampshire, December 14, 1782, married by 
Reverand John Crockett (FreeMall Baptist Minister), May 
29, 1803, Elizabeth, second daughter of John and Molly 
(Bean) ( ) (Huse) ( ), born in Sanbornton October 
2, 1785, who died in Sanbornton April 2, 1805 ; married 
second by Reverand John Crockett, February 6, 1806, to 
Rachel Huse, (sister of first wife), born in Sanbornton 
August 3, 1787. 

He learned the blacksmith trade of Bradstreet Moody, at 
Sanbornton Bridge (Franklin), and moved to Lincolnville, 
Maine, (then called Duck Trapp), soon after his second 
marriage, but this was not long to be an abiding place, as 
he a little later moved to the town of Knox in the same 
county; but his handicraft was more in demand in the 
village of Freedom, where came to him all that a busy 
and capable craftsman could do; his skill as a mechanic 
advertised him far and near, and his ability was always 
in demand. 

An English Company operating on the St. Croix river 
at Mill-town, New Brunswick, sought his assistance in 
building of mills there. 

Completing these, he was called again to a more dis- 
tant part of the Province; answering this call, through 
the dense forest, he went to the Miramichia river and as- 
sisted in building the Fh^st Mill on that great navigable 
water, a Pioneer to assist in opening up a forest country 
to commerce of the world. 

Subsequent to this he was engaged by, and in the em- 
ploy of General Vesie, of Old Town, Maine, and for a 
long time had the care and upkeep of his mills at that 

Retiring from this, he began the manufacture of farm- 
ing and edge tools at Freedom, rounding out the center 
of a busy and useful life; completing the time between 
about 1808 and 1820, when he bought a farm about one 


mile west of -the village, which by industry and frugality 
he greatly improved, bringing into a high state of culti- 
vation, spending the declining years of his life caring for 
the lighter details connected with its cultivation; having 
been engaged in garden work during the forenoon, and 
dying peacefully in the evening of August 27, 1855; his 
wife Rachel dying there June 16, 1865, and they are both 
buried in Freedom village cemetery ; handing down to their 
posterity the influence of a busy, well spent life. 

That one life is complete alone, is never proven! In 
his long and useful life Elisha Johnson had a co-partner, 
a helpmeet in every sense of the word, in Rachel Huse 
Johnson. "Children and Grandchildren rise up, to call her 


7. Hannah Matilda Johnson', (15) born March 19, 
1804; married Elijah Elder; died January, 1855. 

8. John Huse Johnson', born November 13, 1807; 
died when thirteen years old. 

9. Mary Huse Johnson', (16) born December 27, 
1809; married Thomas Gilpatrick; died May 1, 1896. 

10. Elisha Johnson', Jr., (40) born February 2, 
1812; married Elizabeth Clark; died December 9, 1880. 

11. Samuel Johnson', (47) born July 19, 1814; mar- 
ried Laura Ann Jones; died September 26, 1878. 

12. Rachel Huse Johnson', (62) born May 27, 1814; 
married Thomas Baker; died April, 1899. 

13. Abagail Johnson', (66) born February 19, 1820; 
married John R. Patch; died June, 1882. 

14. Christian Johnson', (70) born May 20, 1823; 
married Samuel N. Tilton. 

15. Hannah, or Matilda Johnson', (7) [Elisha', 
John', Benjamin*, James, Jr.', James', Edmund'], only 
child of Elisha", and Elizabeth (Huse) ( ) Johnson, 
born at Sanbornton, New Hampshire, March 19, 1804; 
married Elijah, sixth child and fourth son of Joseph and 
second wife, Ann (Morrill) Elder of Windham. 

8 johnson genealogy 


1, Lois; 2, Simon; 3, John; 4, Hannah; 5, Elizabeth; 6, Martha 
Jane; 7, Mary Ann; 8, Emily; 9, Caroline; 10, Christian Tilton, mar- 
ried a man named Young, and is supposed to have gone to California 
about 1900. 

16. Mary Huse Johnson', (9) [Elisha', John% Ben- 
jamin*, James, Jr.\ James', Edmund'], second child and 
first daughter of Elisha', and Rachel (Huse) ( ) John- 
son, born at Knox, Waldo county, Maine, December 27, 
1809; married, at Weston, Aroostook county, Maine, in 
April, 1832, by William Butterfield, Thomas Gilpatrick, 
born at Winslow, Kenebec county, Maine, June 1, 1794, 
who was a lumberman and farmer; he died at Weston 
April 19, 1877, and she died there, May 1, 1896, and they 
are both buried in the Brackett cemetery. 


17. Thomas Gilpatrick^ Jr., (29) born May 21, 1833; 
married first, Mary Moody; second, Amanda Harris; died 
July 24, 1864. 

18. Elisha Gilpatrick', (30) born August 17, 1834; 
married Ann M. Foster ; died May 29, 1900. 

19. Abigail Gilpatrick', (31) born June 28, 1836; 
married Daniel Webster Lindsey; died July 8, 1890, 

20. Grant Gilpatrick', (32) born May 22, 1837; mar- 
ried Betsy Skillinger. 

21. Charles Gilpatrick', (33) born April 31, 1839; 
married first, Mary Peters; second, Mrs. Martha E. 
Clough, nee Martha E. Deering. 

22. Mary Gilpatrick', (34) born March 1, 1841; 
married Frederick Lindsey. 

23. Lyman Gilpatrick', (35) born December 4, 1842; 
married Emma Adams; died in Spokane, Washington, 
June, 1913. 

24. Louisa Gilpatrick', (36) born September 22, 
1844; married Peter Campbell. 

25. Hannah Crosby Gilpatrick', (37) born Novem- 
ber 6, 1846 ; married Dominicus Tuck. 


26. Julia Ann GILPATRICK^ (38) born May 13, 1849; 
married Ruel P. Peters. 

27. Rachel Augusta Gilpatrick', born at Weston, 
June 29, 1851 ; died at Weston, November 17, 1863. 

28. Frank P. Gilpatrick', (39) born December 1, 
1852 ; married Ella J. Pierson ; died August 8, 1900. 

29. Thomas Gilpatrick', Jr., (17) born at Weston, 
May 31, 1833; married first, at Weston, December 25, 
1857, Mary, daughter of James and Jane Moody, who 
died at Weston, May 2, 1858, and he married second, at 
Weston, Amanda, daughter of Hezekiah and Roxana Har- 
ris, born at Weston; he was a farmer, and died at Wes- 
ton, July 24, 1864, and he and first wife are both buried 
in the Brackett cemetery. 


1, Martha Gilpatrick% born February 4, 1859: a dressmaker, at 
Hodgdon, Aroostook county. 2, Bradley Gilpatrick% an apothicar, 
living in Indianna. 3, (Jeorge H. Gilpatrick', died at Weston. 4, Thomas 
Gilpatrick% Jr., born in 1864, died same year. 

30. Elisha Gilpatrick', (18) born at Weston, August 
17, 1834; married Ann M., daughter of Ebenezer and 
Polly Foster; he died at Danforth, Washington county, 
Maine, May 29, 1900 ; she died at Houlton, Aroostook 
county, June 12, 1903, and they are both buried in Dan- 
forth cemetery; he was a lumberman. 


1, Ora Gilpatrick*, born at Weston, March 21, 1859; senior mem- 
ber of Summit Lumber Co., at Davidson, Penobscott county, Maine; 
married at Danforth, February 19, 1881, Carrie, daughter of Elias 
and Eliza Trask, born April 13, 1861. Children born at Danforth: 1, 
Rex Elisha Gilpatrick", born July 24, 1888; married at Houlton, July 
12, 1910, Louisa Alcott Watkins; he is a bookkeeper for Summit Lum- 
ber Co., and has adaughter^^, born at Davidson, Penobscott county, in 
April, 1913. 2, Victor Adelbert Gilpatrick'", born October 25, 1890. 2, 
Elmer Gilpatrick", member of Summit Lumber Co., married Sarah 
Logue. Children: 1, Leo E. Gilpatrick'", bom at Winn, Penobscot coun- 
ty, February 19, 1888, is a chemist. 2, Molly H. Gilpatrick'", born at 
Haynesville, Aroostook county, April 4, 1890, is a trained nurse. 
3, Ora E. Gilpatrick'% born at Haynesville, September 28, 1891, is a 
dentist. 4, Verner E. Gilpatrick^", born at Orient, Aroostook county, 
July 2'1, 1894, is a student at high school. 5, Paul E. Gilpatrick", 


born at Orient, February 1, 1897, is a student at high school. 6, Arlo 
E. Gilpatrick'", bom at Island Falls, Aroostook county, June 7, 1906; 
died at Island Falls March 8, 1908. 3, Elisha Gilpatrick% Jr., is a 
Boston traveling salesman. 

31. Abigail Gilpatrick% (19) born at Weston, June 28, 1836; 
married, at Weston, May 10, 1851, Daniel Webster, son of Daniel 
Lindsey; a farmer by occupation. Children: 1, Thomas Lindsey", 
born at Carroll, Penobscott county, in July, 1854; married Laura 
Tweedie. Children: 1, Ethel Lindsey"', bom at Bangor, Penobscott 
county; is a normal school teacher at Farmington, Franklin county, 
Maine. 2, Thomas Lindsey, Jr.'", born at Bangor; is an invalid. 
2, Elisha Lindsey% born at Carroll; v/as a traveling salesman from 
Portland, Cumberland county, Maine, and died there. 3, Mary Lind- 
sey% born at Carroll; married at Carroll May 29, 1881, Arthur, son 
of Cyi'us and Laurinda Skillinger, born at Danforth; he is a farmer. 
Children: 1, Mattie C. Skillinger'", bom at Danforth, February 18, 
1882; is a trained nurse. 2, Lindsey Skillinger' % born at Danforth, 
January 9, 1884; married at Danforth, AgTiess Perry; he is a farmer. 
Children: 1, Loyd Skillinger'^, bom at Danforth in 1.906. 2, Cyrus 
Skillr,iger'\ born at Danforth in 1912. 3, Raymond L. Skillinger'", 
born at Danforth, June 15, 1886; is a farmer. 4, Arthur Lyle Skill- 
inger'", born at Danforth, October 25, 1889; a farmer. 5, Ina M. 
Skillinger'", born at Danforth, September 17, 1892. 6, Abbie A. Skill- 
inger'", born at Danforth, August 24, 1900; is a teacher in 
Topsfield, Washington county, Maine. 4, Martha Lindsey', born at 
Carroll and married at Carroll to Dexter White, born at Topsfield; 
she died at Danforth in Febi'uary, 1890, and is buried in Danforth 
cemetery; had one child. Fay White'", bom in Danforth, July 21, 
1889; a teacher in Topsfield. 5, Josephine Lindsey^ born at Carroll; 
married Granville, son of Stephen and Epla Foster; a farmer. Chil- 
dren, born at Danforth: 1, Harold C. Foster'", born April 30, 1897. 
2, Alice V. Foster'", born May 24, 1899. 3, Stephen Hill Foster'", 
born February 6, 1903. 4, Helen Lindsey Foster'", born January 1, 
1912. 6, Wallace Lindsey", born in Carroll; is a farmer. 

32. Grant Gilpatrick% (20) born at Weston, May '2!2, 1837; a 
farmer by occupation; married at Weston in May, 1853, Betsey, daugh- 
ter of Jeremiah and Harriet Skillinger, born at Danforth. Children, 
born at Weston: 1, Minnie Gilpatrick", who died at Danforth, and 
is buried in Danforth cemetery. 2, Charles Gilpatrick", died, and is 
buried at Danforth. 3, Ralph Gilpatrick", born in November, 1868; is 
& farmer; married at Danforth, December 25, 1891, Minnie Golden; 
died at Weston, March 17, 1904; buried in Danforth. Children: 1, 
Frederick Johnson Gilpatrick'", born at Danforth, May 7, 1893; a 
teacher in Orient, Maine. 2, Leola M. Gilpatrick'", bom at Weston, 
May 26, 1896. 4, Walter Gilpatrick", born in February, 1871; a farm- 
er. 5, Maud Gilpatrick", bom at Danforth, and married at Danforth 
in 1908, George Butters, who is a farmer. Children, born at Dan- 


forth: 1, Clara A. Butters'", bom in January, 1904. 2, Marjorie But- 
ters'", bom in December, 1907. 3, Ralph Butters", born July 12, 1911. 

33. Charles Gilpatrick', (21) bom at Weston, April 21, 1839; a 
retired merchant; lives at Olympia, Washington; married first, in 
Weston, May 31, 1860, Mary, daughter of Marcus and Betsy Peters, 
who died at Royalton, Minnesota, December 14, 1898, and is buried 
there; married second, at Danforth, January 9, 1905, Mrs. Martha E. 
Clough, nee Martha E. Deering, daughter of Thomas and Judith Deer- 
ing, born at Orient, in October, 1849. Children: 1, Bertha L. Gilpat- 
rick% born at Orient, March 5, 1861; a school teacher at Olympia. 
2, Bessie G. Gilpatrick", born at Two Rivers, Minnesota, June 7, 1867; 
married at Tacoma, Washington, August 5, 1890, George McCloud. 
Children, bom at Seattle: 1, Glade Gilpatrick McCloud'", born Au- 
gust 3, 1891. 2, Norman McCloud'", bom October 21, 1892. 3, Helen 
McCloud'", bom February 14, 1895. 4, Marjorie McCloud'", born Jan- 
uary 29, 1897. 5, Kenneth McCloud'", born Aug-ust 6, 1898. 3, Henrietta 
V. Gilpatrick", bom at Two Rivers, June 26, 1869; a school teacher at 
Olympia. 4, Ethel A. Gilpatrick", born at Two Rivers, June 11, 1873; 
married there, August 6, 1891, to C. H. Dawley. Children, born at 
Royalton: 1, Leo E. Dawley'", born July 29, 1892. 2, Virgie H. 
Dawley'", born February 29, 1894. 3, Cresceroye Dawley'", born July 
6, 1895. 4, C. Rodney Dawley'", born February 20, 1897. 5, J. Morris 
Dawley'", born May 30, 1890. 6, M. Toma Dawley'", born November 
6, 1902. 7, Maud Dawley'", born Febmary 23, 1904. 5, Ivan Ross 
Gilpatrick", bom at Two Rivers, February 24, 1878; married there, 
June 19, 1906, Martha R. Laughton. He was postmaster, and died at 
Royalton, December 25, 1910; had one child, Margaret Mary Gil- 
patrick'", bom at Royalton, November 30, 1910. 

34. Mary Gilpatrick% (22) born at Weston, March 1, 1841; 
married at Danforth, December 7, 1861, Frederick Lindsey, bom at 
Leeds, Maine; he was a farmer, and died at Bangor, Maine, in No- 
vember, 1875, and is buried at Leeds. 

35. Lyman Gilpatrick% (23) born at Weston, December 4, 
1842; married at Two Rivers, Emma Adams; was a merchant in 
Spokane, Washington, and died there in June, 1913. Child: Philip 
Sheridan Gilpatrick", born in Oregon; a bookkeeper in Spokane. 

36. Louisa Gilpatrick% (24) born at Weston, September 212, 
1844; married at Calias, Maine, in September, 1863, Peter, son of 
Hector and Catharine Campbell, born in Cape Breton, New Bruns- 
wick, in 1842; a boot and shoe maker and Highland piper. Children: 
1, Charles Campbell", born in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, April 12, 
1864; was a machinist, and died in Texas. 2, Celia Ann Campbell", 
born in Portland, Maine, February 5, 1866; married at Danforth, 
Febmary 13, 1886, Frederick T., son of Thomas and Sarah Fifield: 
Fifield & Co., Druggists, South Breiver, Maine. Children : 1, Marion 
Louise Fifield'", born at Danforth, May 13, 1888; is a drug clerk. 2, 


Ella Boyce Fifield", born at Bangor, April 1, 1891. 3, Alice Gould 
Fifield", born at Bangor, January 27, 1895. 3, Myrtle Campbell', 
born at Weston, December 4, 1869; married first, in Bangor, Linwood 
C, son of Horace and Hannah Jordan. Had one child, Horace Ivan 
Jordan'", bom in Bangor, in February 1889; is a postmaster. She 
married second, in Bangor, Munroe, son of James and Cyntha Tread- 
well, an engineer in Bangor. Children, bom in Bangor: 1, Arline 
Treadwell", bom October 4, 1897. 2, George TreadwelP", born Oc- 
tober 23, 1901; is in the army. 3, Neal TreadwelP", born March 27, 
1904; a violin student. 4, James Peters TreadwelP", born March 22, 
1907. 4, Thomas V. CampbelF, born in Bangor, April 1, 1873; married 
in Bangor, Jane Kelly, who was born in Bangor; he is a plumber and 
steamfitter in Bangor. Children, bom in Bangor: 1, Charles Camp- 
belP% born January 10, 1899. 2, Madeline CampbelP", born Septem- 
ber 2, 1911. 5, Sylvester Campbell", born in Bangor, April 25, 1878; 
manager Waureka Market, Bangor. 

37. Hannah Crosby Gilpatrick% (25) born at Weston, Novem- 
ber 6, 1846; married at Weston, in August, 1865, Dominicus, son of 
Judge and Almyra Tuck, born in Haynesville, Aroostook county, in 
1844; he was a barber, and died at Danforth in February, 1910, and 
is buried in Danforth cemetery. Children: 1, Leo H. Tuck% born in 
Haynesville, March 10, 1866; is a lumberman at Weston and Orient; 
married in Holton, Ruth E., daughter of John Hilton, of Damariscotta, 
Lincoln county, Maine. Children, born at Danforth: 1, Virginia R. 
Tuck'°, born August 5, 1890; marj-ied, Frank Tracy, a merchant in 
Freeport, Cumberland county, Maine. 2, Myra Tuck'°, born in 1894; 
is an elocutionist. 2, Myra M. Tuck% bom at Weston, April 19, 1877; 
married Fred Bailey, who is a land agent in Bangor, for Stetson 
lands. Children, born in Bangor: 1, Dean Bailey'", born in 1907. 
2, Emery Bailey", born in 1908. 

38. Julia Ann Gilpatrick% (26) born in Weston, May 13, 
1849; married in Weston, December 31, 1875, Ruel P., son of Marcus 
and Betsy Peters, bom at Amity, Aroostook county, August 3, 1846; 
was a farmer, and died at Weston, October 13, 1912, and is buried in 
Brackett cemetery. Children, born at Weston: 1, Ithmar B. Peters', 
horn August 9, 1875; is a painter and paper hanger in Augusta, 
Kenebec county, Maine; married at Boston in December, 1907, Katha- 
rine, daughter of Joseph and Minnie Foss. Children: 1, Lillian A. 
Peters'", born in Boston, September 20, 1908. 2, Josephine Foss 
Peters'", born in Augusta, May 29, 1911. 2, Thomas Mott Peters', 
l)orn August 2, 1880; died at Weston, January 14, 1904; buried in 
Brackett cemetery. 3, Van Wart Peters', born February 26, 1886; 
died at Weston, April 4, 1909, and is buried in Brackett cemetery. 
4, Rosalind May Peters", born March 22-, 1890; married in Weston, 
Au^st 2, 1909, William Mac Kenzie, born in St. Stephens, New 
Bmnswick; has one child. Era Mildred Mac Kenzie'", born in Weston, 
September 3, 1910. 


39. Frank P. Gilpatrick% (28) born at "Weston, December 11, 
1852; married at Weston, in July, 1875, Ella J., daughter of Dr. 
Albert and Susan Pierson, born in Weston, June 28, 1856; was a 
lumberman and farmer, and died at Weston, August 8, 1900, and is 
buried in Brackett cemetery. Children, born in Weston: 1, Herbert 
S. Gilpatrick% bom July 3, 1875; is a farmer; married, March 25, 
1897, Frances M. Golden. Children, born in Weston: 1, Iva V. Gil- 
patrick", born March 23, 1898. 2, Orlando Ham Gilpatrick'% born 
October 8, 1905. 3, Kenneth Gilpatrick'% born June 9, 1907. 4, 
Roland B. Gilpatrick", born March 19, 1911. 5, a child'% born April 
8, 1913. 2, Thomas Gilpatrick% born in September, 1876; an invalid. 
3, Charles Gilpatrick% born in August, 1878; is a farmer; married in 
Weston, December 25, 1900, Elizabeth Russell. Children, born in 
Weston: 1, Elsie May Gilpatrick'", born in 1902. 2, Eurita Estella 
Gilpatrick^", born in 1905. 3, Franklin Pierce Gilpatrick'% born in 
1907. 4, Henrietta Gilpatrick% born in April, 1880; married at 
Weston, in 1897, James McLaughlin. Children, born in Weston: 1, 
Lewellyn B. McLaughlin' % born March 23, 1898. 2, Daniel E. Mc- 
Laughlin"*, born December 25, 1899. 3, Franklin C. McLaughlin'% 
born January 5, 1902. 4, Bert C. McLaughlin", bom May 6, 1907. 
5, Maurice A. McLaughlin'", born March 17, 1909. 6, Charles L. 
McLaughlin'", born July 3, 1910. 7, Thomas H. McLaughlin'% born 
October 16, 1912. 5, Mary 0. Gilpatrick", bom in August, 1882; 
married at Danforth, March 2, 1903, Henry E. Reed. Children: 1, 
Ella A. Reed'", bora in Weston, December 15, 1903. 2, Alsa G. Reed'% 
born in Weston, May 24, 1905. 3, Leo G. Reed'", born in Danforth, 
April 10, 1907. 4, Loyd Z. Reed", born in Danforth, January 21, 
1909. 5, C. Prectiss Reed'", born in Danforth, July 20, 1911. 6, Pearl 
E. Reed'", born in Danforth, July 30, 1912. 6, Abbie Gilpatrick", 
born in 1886; married Frank McMinn; he is a clerk. Children, born 
at Danforth: 1, Norman McMinn'", born May 4, 1909. 2, Darill Mc- 
Minn'", born July 11, 1911. 7, Laura Gilpatrick^ born in August, 
1884; married Belmon Irish, a farmer. Children: 1, Wilder B. 
Irish'", bom at Weston, December 17, 1906. 2, Hollis Irish'", born at 
Weston, February 5, 1908. 3, Watson Irish'", born at Weston, April 
30, 1910. 4, Ralph Irish'", bom at Haynesville, May 4, 1912. 8, 
Alice A. Gilpatrick", bom in August, 1888; married at Danforth in 
March, 1910, Edwin Densmore, a lumberman; has one child, Ora 
George Densmore'", born at Danforth, December 21, 1911. 

40. Elisha Johnson, Jr/, (10) [Elisha', John% Ben- 
jamin*, James, Jr.', James', Edmund'], fourth child and 
second son of Elisha", and Rachel (Huse) Johnson, born 
in Freedom, Waldo county, Maine, February 2, 1812 ; mar- 
ried at Unity, Waldo county, April — , 1837, by Reverend 
John True, Elizabeth Clark, born February 2, 1812, who 


died in Freedom, June 16, 1870; he died, December 9, 
1880, and both are buried in Freedom cemetery. 

"The Home Boy," to stay with and care for the old 
folks; a good farmer and citizen all his life. 

In some of his earlier years he supplemented farming 
by operating in the lumber woods, on the "west branch" 
of the Penobscott river, and later nearer home. Filling 
town and some county offices acceptably. Remembered by 
his children as a kind, indulgent father. 

Elizabeth (Clark) Johnson, the faithful wife and Chris- 
tian mother, endeared to family, and all that knew her. 


41. David B. Johnson', (45) born August 10, 1837; married 
Frances Giles. 

42. Henrietta L. Johnson', born July 5, 1840. 

43. Martha A. Johnson', born February 14, 1842; married first, 
in Freedom, December, 1872, William S., son of Edward and Ann 
(Sibley) Fuller, bom in Freedom, who died in Freedom, January, 
1890, and is buried in Freedom cemetery; married second, in Freedom, 
March 2, 1892, Job, son of Edward and Mary (Clement) Vose, who 
died at Knox, March 6, 1906 ; buried at Montville, Waldo county, North 

44. Charles E. Johnson', (46) born March 25, 1846; married 
Jennie Rebecca Severence. 

45. David Barron Johnson', (41) first child of Elisha, Jr.', and 
Elizabeth (Clark) Johnson, born in Freedom, August 10, 1838; 
married at Thorndike, March 8, 1863, Frances, daughter of Stephen 
and Louisa (Wtest) Giles, born at Thorndike, June 18, 1842. 

To him fell the care of the old folks and the homestead. How 
faithfully and well this was done, kindred and friends can testify. 

Received his education in the public schools of his native town, 
Bloomfield and Freedom Academies; taught many terms in the public 
schools of the county; served many terms on school boards, and other 
town offices; master of the local Grange for a number of years; also 
a member of the State Grange. Died at Freedom, October 10, 1899; 
buried in Freedom cemetery. 

Frances (Giles) Johnson, the faithful wife, and companion in his 
life work, and last long and painful sickness. 

God's blessing must follow such a wife and mother. 



1. Frank W. Johnson% born June 19, 1864; is a farmer on the old 
homestead; married Carrie, daughter of Job C. and Amanda (Weed) 
Vose, born at Knox, April 3, 1866. Child, born at Freedom: 1, Ira 
Vose Johnson^", bom March 27, 1892; died. 2, Jennie A. Johnson% 
born December 16, 1869; married Fred N., son of Charles and Eliza 
Ellen (Foster) Vose; died at Stockholm, Aroostvok county, Maine, 
March 1, 1906. 3, Clarence Johnson', born May 7, 1876; married Car- 
rie, daughter of Eugene and Clara (Vickery) Boulter. Children, born 
at Waterville: 1, Gwendolin C. Jbhnson'% born July 30, 1904. 2, Wil- 
bor C. Johnson^", born August 11, 1908. 4, Mattie L. Johnson", born 
May 7, 1878; married Fred N. Vose, formerly husband of her sister, 
deceased. Child, born at Houlton, Aroostook county: 1, Edward Don- 
ald Vose'% born August 25, 1912. 

46. Charles E. Johnson% (44) born at Freedom, March 25, 1846; 
married at Lowell, Middlesex county, Massachusetts, August 2, 1875, 
Jennie Rebecca, daughter of Reuben and Mary Severence, born at 
Passadumkeag, Penobscot county, Maine, October 17, 1848. 

Few men have seen a more busy, active life; he grew to manhood 
on the farm; was educated in the public schools; read law, and was 
admitted to the bar in Waldo county and practiced in the courts nearly 
two years, making a fine record, but his health failed and doctors 
said he must quit, so he took up manufacturing, which came naturally 
to him, and was easy; and he advanced from charge of work to charge 
of Old Colony Mills, Chiltonville, Massachusetts; and from there went 
to Nova Scotia, and started the first duck mill in Canada; retiring from 
there, he went to Barring, Georgia, and started a hosiery yarn mill, 
"The Hutchinson Manufacturing Company," General Arthur Hutch- 
inson, president, who was quartermaster general under Joseph E. 
Johnston; retiring from this, and wishing a change for his health, 
he entered the employ of C. I. (Sarsaparilla) Hood, as traveling man, 
and remained with him nearly twenty years, traveling about thirty 
thousand miles a year, and since leaving Hood has been connected 
with daily newspapers. 


1, Maud Elizabeth Johnson', born in Lowell, January 5, 1881. 2, 
Charles Barron Johnson', born in Waterville, Kenebec county, Maine, 
July 18, 1893. 

47. Samuel Johnson,', (11) [Elisha", John", Benja- 
min*, James, Jr.', James', Edmund'], fifth child and third 
son of Elisha', and second wife Rachel (Huse) Johnson, 
born in Knox, Waldo county, Maine, July 19, 1814; was 
married September 22, 1839, in Ripley, Sommersett county, 
Maine, at the home of Cyrus Blood Jones, brother of his 


bride, where her mother lived (intentions of marriage 
published in Ripley, September 7, 1839), to Laura Ann, 
ninth child and fourth daughter of Jonathan and Betsey 
(Stanley) Jones, ( ) born in Ripley, July 17, 1818, 
who died at the home of her son, Voltaire W. Johnson, in 
Alpha, Fayette county, Iowa, January 21, 1911. He died 
at West Union, September 26, 1878, and they are both 
buried in Bethel cemetery. Bethel township, Fayette coun- 
ty, Iowa. 

His boyhood was about equally divided between the 
school room, where he acquired such an education that 
when a young man he taught several terms of school, and 
his father's shop, where he learned the trade of black- 
smith; and at the time of his marriage established him- 
self in that business in Freedom. 

In 1846 he moved to Lewiston, Maine, and in company 
with his brother-in-law, John Emery, took a contract for 
grading on the Grand Trunk Railroad, on which they in- 
curred so much loss that the surrender of their entire 
property was not sufficient to pay their indebtedness; so 
in the excitement following the discovery of gold in Cali- 
fornia in the fall of 1848, they sailed from Boston in the 
Ship "Capitol" (the first vessel to leave that port for San 
francisco), for that far-off eldorado to retrieve their for- 
tunes; the voyage via Cape Horn being a very stormy 
one they did not reach that port until the nineteenth of 
the next July, the thirty-fifth anniversary of his birthday. 

On arriving home in January, 1851, his first care was 
to settle with his creditors in the railroad business, which 
he did to their entire satisfaction; he then decided to go 
to a new home in the west, and after traveling through 
several of the middle and western states, purchased a farm 
vof six hundred acres in Green county, Wisconsin, and 
moved his family there in August, 1851. 

During his residence there, of nearly eighteen years, he 
served the people continuously in either a township or 
county office, and at the time of his removal to Iowa, in 
1869, was county commissioner to the poor. 


On coming to Iowa, he purchased the sight of a water 
power, constructed a dam, and erected what has become 
so well known as "Johnson's Mill," around which has 
grown up the village of "Alpha," making it a very valu- 
able property. 

In 1876 he was elected a member of the board of county 
supervisors, and was in attendance upon public business 
when stricken with the illness from which he died. 

He was a Republican in politics, from the organization 
of the party, voting for Freemont in 1856, and heartily 
affiliating with the party ever after. 

He was for many years a member of the Masonic order, 
and at his death was an honored member of West Union 
Lodge Number 69. 

He was a man of superior intellect and honor ; a staunch 
and true friend, loved and respected wherever known. 

Tribute to his estimable wife, of whom it may be truth- 
fully said: "All sounds of life assumed one tone of love." 
Who, for thirty years, in her loneliness, kept the honor of 
his noble life unsullied, and the memory of his virtues un- 
dimmed, and left to their children the rich inheritance of 
their parents' noble lives. 

Now, the earthly task being ended, the children place 
the mortal remains of the devoted wife, the faithful, lov- 
ing mother, beside those of the husband and father; the 
honor of each life adds to the memory of all that is good 
and noble and great. 

And some time, in the great beyond, 
She may come to us again. 


48. Voltaire', (55) born July 29, 1840; died August 
22, 1843. 

49. VOLNEY' L., (56) born July 29, 1840; married first, 
Ellen M. Coates; second, Mrs. Sarah Burrett, nee Sarah 
Van Sickle. 


50. Voltaire W.', (57) born September 12, 1848; mar- 
ried first, Ella Frances Crowell; second, Mrs. Almira C. 
Staples, nee Almira C. Rich; third, Mrs. Ann Brayton, nee 
Ann Willis. 

51. George Dana', (58) born December 1, 1847; mar- 
ried Mary Etta Flanigan. 

52. Frank% (59) born May 31, 1852; married Ellie 

53. Ada Estell', (60) born February 4, 1854; mar- 
ried Aimer L. Davis. 

54. Elisha Y:, (61) born October 27, 1857; married 
Reubena Patterson. 

55. Voltaire Johnson% (48) born in Freedom village, July 29, 
1840; he was a healthy, robust child, which apparent blessing led to 
his early death; when biit little past three years old his energy took 
him into a pasture, where he began driving around some colts, and 
one of them kicked him over the heart, and he lived but a short time 
after, dying August 22, 1843. 

56. VoLNEY L. Johnson', (49) born in Freedom village, July 29, 
1840'; married first, November 4, 1862, in Monticello, Green county, 
Wisconsin, at the home of William H. Coates [father of his bride], 
Ellen M., daughter of William H. and Jane (Merely) Coates, born in 
Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, February 20, 1844; she died, at 
Alpha, Fayette county, Iowa, December 2, 1880; married second, at 
Fayette, Fayette county, Iowa, Mrs. Sarah Burrett, nee Sarah Van 
Sickle [divorced wife of A. R. Burrett, who now lives in California] ; 
he died at Alpha, June 3, 1889, and he and first wife are buried in 
Bethel cemetery. Bethel township, Fayette county, Iowa. 

Being born a twin, he was the slighter of the two, which frailty 
he never outgrew, and finally died of consumption before he was fifty 
years old, but the clear intellect, kindly disposition and gentility re- 
mained with him to the last; requesting the presence of his second 
wife, from who he had been estranged, dying at peace with all. Of 
the children born in Maine, his was the brightest intellect; learned 
easily, comprehended matters fully and had considerable musical tal- 
ent; he commenced to learn the carpenter's trade under Andrew John- 
son [his father's cousin] when but fifteen, though he attended school 
afterward, and in the winter of 1857-8 taught one term; then worked 
in a sash and door factory owned by his father and Andrew; leaving 
that, he enlisted in the band of the Fifth Wisconsin infantry in 1861; 
after being discharged from that service, he re-enlisted in the Fifth 
battery Wisconsin light artillery, serving in Sherman's army during 
its march to the sea, being mustered out June 6, 1865. 


Upon the removal of the family to Iowa in 1869, he superintended 
the building of the houses and mill and continued with it until after his 
father's death; then going into business at Fayette; was appointed 
postmaster for one term, when his health failing he closed out, and 
never engaged in business again. 

57. Voltaire W. Johnson', (50) born in Freedom, September 12, 
1843; married first, at Monticello, Green county, Wisconsin, Sept. 24, 
1866, by Reverend J. Dinsmore, ''Freewill Baptist Minister," Edgar 
Wright and Emily Bacon witnesses, Ella Frances, oldest daughter of 
Joshua and Survina (Cook) Crowell, born at West Yarmouth, Mass., 
October 30, 1847, who died at Alpha, December 2, 1880, and is buried 
in Bethel cemetery; married second, at Charles City, Floyd county, 
Iowa, September 22, 1888, by Reverend Coates, Mrs. Coates witness, 
Mrs. Almira C. Staples, nee Almira C. Rich, born in Malone, Franklin 
county, New York, July 16, 1848, daughter of Thomas and Matilda 
(Berry) Rich; widow of Merrit Staples; she died at Cedar Rapids, 
Linn county, Iowa, November 28, 1898, and is buried in Linwood cem- 
etery at Cedar Rapids; married third, at Waucoma, Fayette county, 
Iowa, June 20, 1900, at Methodist Parsonage, by Reverand Daniel M. 
Parker, Sarah E. Parker and Charles S. Pai'ker witnesses, Mrs. Ann 
Brayton, nee Ann Willis, bom in Mt. Pleasant township, Green county, 
Wisconsin, May 1, 1849, daughter of Solomon and Lovina (Evans) 
Willis, and widow of Reuben Brayton. 

He grew up on the farm and attended public school, obtaining the 
foundation of an education which has enabled him to acquire a thor- 
ough knowledge of affairs of life in many varied lines. 

He enlisted before he was eighteen for the civil war, at Belville, 
Dane county, Wisconsin, August 2*7, 1861, in Company H of the 
Eighth Wisconsin infantry (the Eagle Regiment), and served three 
years, being discharged at Memphis, Tennessee, September 16, 1864, 
just after the Forrest raid into that city, having participated with 
his regiment in twenty-three battles, being all in which it had been 
engaged except one, from which he was prevented from sharing with 
them by sickness, having been slightly wounded at Abbeyville, Miss., 
on August 23, 1864, just four days before the expiration of his term 
of enlistment. 

After returning from the army he carried on his father's farm until 
the removal of the families to Iowa in 1869, when he located on a 
quarter section of prairie land in Bethel township, which he fenced 
with smooth wire (forerunner of the present barbed wire so generally 
in use), which he farmed for several years, bringing it into a high 
state of cultivation, afterwards taking over the mill at Alpha, which 
he remodeled. 

He was appointed to the office of county supervisor to fill out the 
unexpired term of his father, discharging the duties so acceptably 
that he was elected to the office for the next term, from which the 


requirements of private business compelled him to resign before the 
expiration of the term; and when, as alderman of Cedar Rapids, his 
official acts made him the logical candidate of his party for mayor 
his personal interests compelled him to decline to become a candidate. 
After returning to Alpha he tended postofRce for several years, being 
deputy for his wife, she having succeeded to it upon the death of her 
first husband; but since the office has gone to others has entirely re- 
tired, devoting his time to caring for his little property and visiting 
his children and many relatives. 

He is the largest in stature of any of the family, of a stern, force- 
ful character; strong and clear of intellect; understanding all mat- 
ters fully; discoursing fluently of events to intimates and friends, 
but with strangers is reticent and diffident; has been a most faithful 
and devoted son, caring tenderly for his mother when the infirmities 
of age pressed heavily upon her and her mental and physical powers 
gave way. 


1, Mary Ella Johnson", born in Mt. Pleasant township, Green coun- 
ty, Wisconsin, July 16, 1867; married April 25, 1897, at Cedar Rapids, 
by Reverand Edward A. Berry, "Congregational Minister," Abbie E. 
and Joshua Sturgis Johnson witnesses, Samuel K., son of Orlando 
and Eliza (Brodbent) Clark, born in Eden township, Fayette county, 
Iowa, September 3, 1865; he is a farmer and stockman; lives at 
Lucerne, Colorado. Children, born at Lucerne: 1, Ella Clark'", born 
June 4, 1898. 2, Russell Clark'", bom March 18, 1900. 3, Marion 
Clark", born December 22, 1910. 2, Joshua Sturgis Johnson', born 
in Bethel township, September 20, 1872; married at Cedar Rapids, 
June 7, 1889, by Reverand Edward A. Berry, Arthur Snyder and M. 
S. Renfro witnesses, Stella, daughter of William and Catharine 
(Springer) Nicholson, born in Clayton county, Iowa, August 7, 1879; 
he is a farmer and stockman at Greeley, Colorado. Has one child, 
Marie Johnson'", born in Cedar Rapids, March 25, 1900. 3, Charles 
W. Johnson", born in Bethel township, June 10, 1874; died at West 
Union, March 12, 1887; buried in Bethel cemetery. 4, Abbie E. John- 
son', born in Bethel township, October 17, 1878; married at Greeley, 
Weld county, Colorado, February 25, 1909, by Reverend J. M. Wylie, 
Mary E. Clark and Joshua Sturgis Johnson, witnesses, Arthur L., son 
of Augustus David and Emlin (Stephens) Putnam, born near Carson, 
Pottawatomie county, Iowa, May 13, 1894; lives near Carson, and is 
a farmer. Has one child. 1, Margaret Emlin Putnam'", bom near 
Carson, September 22 ,1912. 

58. George Dana Johnson', (51) fourth son of SamueF and 
Laura Ann (Jones) ( ) Johnson, born in Lewiston, Androscoggin 
county, Maine, December 1, 1847; married in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
April 29, 1875, by Reverend James McGolrick, pastor of Immaculate 
Conceptions, Catholic church, Halmer and Lucy Smith, witnesses, Mary 


Etta, seventh child and fifth daughter of Patrick and Mary (Mullen) 
Flanigan, born in Parishville, St. Lawrence county, New York, No- 
vember 15, 1856. Before he was four years old his parents moved 
to Wisconsin, but he had contracted that insidious disease, "catarrh," 
so prevalent in cold localities and in the severe climate of that section, 
though it never reached a dangerous stage, his system was so dis- 
arranged that he was always lastive and slow, being classed as dull; 
so that, though he attended district school quite regularly, with occa- 
sional short terms of private instruction, never advanced far in edu- 
cation, and the unrest occasioned by the civil war, together with con- 
sideration of the plans of an older schoolmate, who was going to 
Minnesota which were the more readily reverted to because of his in- 
ability to comprehend the problems occurring in his studies, he ran 
away from home, in the spring of 1863, and in February, 1864, en- 
listed at St. Paul, Minnesota, in Company D, Brackett's battalion, 
■Minnesota cavalry, and served two years on the western frontier 
against the Sioux Indians, under General Alfred Sully. 

After being discharged he learned the printing trade in the office 
of the Glencoe Register, of Charles A. Bennett, since publisher of the 
Granite Falls Journal; then for several years lived in Minneapolis, 
where he married, worked for an express company, and clerked in dif- 
ferent stores, and in 1885 moved to Texas, but not having success there 
returned to Crete, Nebraska, and worked in the mills there two years; 
then went to Colorado, exchanging Minneapolis property for land, 
but the supply of water for irrigation proving inadequate, misfor- 
tune still followed him, so he abandoned farming and followed public 
works for the next ten years, when the state of his health, and other 
circumstances, sent him to the Soldiers' Home at Leavenworth, Kan- 
sas, where, his health improving, he has been able to compile this fam- 
ily history and can be justly termed the family historian. 


1, Georgie Etta Johnson', born at 312 Henepin avenue, Minneapolis, 
Minnesota, February 4, 1876; married, April 21, 1900, at Methodist 
Parsonage, on South Union Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado, by Reverend 
Herbert S. Cook, Joseph and Lettie Banton witnesses, Bert Walter, 
second son of Charles H. and Alta Martha (Currier) Carter, born 
at South Deerefield, Rockingham county, New Hampshire, November 
26, 1873; who enlisted as private, at Denver, Colorado, in Company 
A, First Colorado infantry, May 1, 1898, promoted to corporal and 
sergeant, serving during the Spanish-American war and Philippine 
insurrection; went out on transport Mead, calling at Honolulu, the 
first American troops to land there, and were accorded a fine recep- 
tion; returned via Japan; discharged at Presidio, San Francisco, Sep- 
tember 8, 1899; is a chemist for the American Smelting and Refining 
Co.; lives at Sewerin, a suburb of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Chil- 
dren: 1, Alta Martha Carter^", born at 303 East Evans avenue, Pu- 


eblo, Colorado, January 30, 1901. 2, Florence Josephine Carter^", born 
at 1045 Berkley avenue, Pueblo, Colorado, December 31, 1901. 3, "Walter 
Stewart Carter^", born at 112 State street, Perth Amboy, New Jer- 
sey, August 13, 1912. 2, Kate M. Johnson", born at 406 Third avenue 
southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 21, 1878; married at 
Los Angeles, California, December 6, 1903, Joseph Lindsey Grimes, 
bom in West Virginia, November 27, 1875. 3, Bertha M. Johnson^, 
born at 406 Third avenue southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 29, 
1880; married, April 23, 1901, at 1045 Berkley avenue, by Reverend 
Thomas Andrew [father of the groom]. Bet and Georgie Carter wit- 
nesses, Ernest, second son of Thomas and Grace (Curnow) Andrew, 
born at Millom, Cumberland County, England, August 4, 1880; a 
moulder by trade; works for Colorado Fuel and Iron Co.; lives at 
2033 East Routt avenue, Pueblo, Colorado. Child: 1, Thomas Ernest 
Andrew^", born at 602 Jefferson street, Pueblo, Colorado, November 
7, 1902. 

59. Frank Johnson', (52) fifth son of SamueP and Laura Ann 
(Jones) Johnson, born in Mt. Pleasant township. Green county, Wis- 
consin, May 31, 1852; married at West Union, Fayette county, Iowa, 
February 27, 1874, by P. L. Hinkley [justice of the peace]. Aimer L. 
Davis and Henry Hollister witnesses, Ellie, daughter of Philander 
and Eunice (Talcott) Davis, born in Rosk county, Wisconsin, Jan- 
uary 1, 1854. 

He was seventeen years old when his parents moved to Iowa, where 
he assisted in building the houses for the families and the mill, and 
on its completion commenced to learn the trade, "buhr stone and 
octagon reel system," under the instruction of Robert Patterson, mill- 
er, a Scotchman from Canada, and in the winter of 1874 worked for- 
a short time in Minneapolis, where the roller process and purifyer 
system were just being introduced; his next change from the home 
mill was to Crete, Saline county, Nebraska, to work in the mill there, 
for George Bridges, an old neighbor and friend of the family, and in 
that mill and its succeeding stmictures, with several succeeding equip- 
ments and owners, worked many years, keeping pace with all new 
processes introduced, and has been sought for by other proprietors, 
and besides Crete has worked at Beatrice, Harvard, Falls City, Curtis 
and is now at Aurora, all of themi in Nebraska. 

He has reared and educated a large family, his oldest son dying 
in the army during the Spanish- American war; all the others are 
married and started on prosperous careers. 


1, Maud Johnson', born at Alpha, December 16, 1874; married at 
Crete, November 7, 1900, Jesse 0., Jr., son of Jesse O. and Sarah M. 
(Gregor) Goodwin), born at Taylorport, Boone county, Kentucky, Sep- 
tember 18, 1869; a publisher, now at Omaha. Children, born at Crete: 


1, Fern Goodwin'", born January 11, 1902. 2, Lois GGodwin'", born 
February 28, 1903. 3, Elma Goodwin'% born December 14, 1906. 2, 
Roy Johnson", bom at Alpha, August 23, 1875; attended school at Crete 
until he graduated from the high school in 1893, then attended the 
University of Nebraska, at Lincoln, during 1894 and 1895; then worked 
in the machine shops at Wymore until he enlisted at Omaha, July 22, 
1898; was corporal in Captain Webber's Company H, Second United 
States Volunteer Engineers, and died of typhoid fever at Camp Mead, 
near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, September 25, 1898, and is buried in 
the Crete cemetery. 3, Lyle Johnson', born at Alpha, August 5, 1877; 
married at Crete, November 24, 1898, by Reverend Byrchard Pierson, 
Frankie, daughter of Jasper and Lucy (Scammon) Phillips, born at 
Dwight, Livingstone county, Illinois, August 19, 1877; he is a switch- 
man for the Burlington & Missouri River R. R. at Aurora, Nebraska. 
Children: 1, Lila'", born at Crete, January 14, 1901. 2, Achsa'% born 
at Aurora, May 21, 1903. 4, Fay Johnson", born at Crete, May 14, 
1880; married at Aurora, February 5, 1903, by Reverend A. E. Rickey, 
Frank and EUie Johnson witnesses, Hugh A., son of Harvey Gibson 
and Ida (Willis) Butler, born at Missouri Valley, Harrison county, 
Iowa, February 28, 1878; a civil engineer by profession; member of 
the firm and local manager of the Crete Milling Company. Child: 
1, Robert Johnson Butler, born at Curtis, Frontiero county, Nebraska, 
December 28, 1912. 5, Erie Johnson', born at Crete, May 5, 1883; 
married at York, York county, Nebraska, August 16, 1905, by Judge 
Taylor, Jasper F., son of Harvey and Nellie Jane (Malory) Cole, born 
at Aurora, December 31, 1883; a dentist by profession at Aurora. 
Children: 1, Maurice Cole'% born at Iowa City, Johnson county, Iowa, 
May 21, 1906. 2, Norman Cole'", born at Aurora, June 18, 1911. 6, 
E^rl Johnson', born at Crete, June 19, 1885; married at Geneva, Fil- 
more county, Nebraska, December 24, 1913, by Professor A. G. Heyhoe, 
of Done College, Ethel Fay, daughter of Adoniram Judson and Ella 
Matilda (Lee) Brown. He is coach and director of physical education 
of Nebraska State Normal School at Peru, Nebraska. Has one child, 
Raymond Earl Johnson'", born at Peru, Nemaha county, Nebraska, 
October 26, 1914, the first male in his generation of that branch of the 
family to bear the Johnson name. 7, Dean Johnson', born at Crete, 
January 26, 1889; m.arried at Curtis, June 8, 1911, by Reverend C. L. 
Hammond, Hugh A. and Fay Butler witnesses Wilda Elsie, daughter 
of Jasper and Gertrude (Vancleve) Marsden, born at Curtis, November 
15, 1895; he is a miller at Curtis. Has one child. Norma Gertrude, 
born at Curtis, August 26, 1912. 

60. Ada Estelle Johnson', (53) born in Mt. Pleasant township, 
February 4, 1854; married in West Union, September 6, 1875, by P. 
L. Hinkley, justice of the peace, James Ainsworth witness, Aimer L., 
son of Philander and Eunice (Talcott) Davis, born in Rock county, 
Wisconsin, July 12, 1851; he is a carpenter by trade and lives at Ault, 
Weld county, Colorado. 


She was educated in the public schools in the different localities W^ 
where she grew up; she and the one who afterwards became her hus- fer- 
band being the champion spellers among their mates ; afterwards teach- '\-^^Q 
ing several terms in Fayette county. 'ja^ 

After her marriage her house was the gathering place for all mem- L^ 
bers of the family, and the home of her mother until she herself be- ^9^ 
came an invalid; and by their own selection other members of the a^ 
family abided there; her oldest brother, when stricken with tubercu- Jfj 
losis, returning there to die ; and through lack of sanitary precautions ^_ 
communicated the disease to her daughter, who succumbed in a few 
years, and though contracting it herself, and at times being very low, ^. 
still lingers, patiently enduring her cross, "content to live, yet not I 
afraid to die." | 



1, Laura Fay Davis% born March 13, 1878; died at Alpha, February 
26, 1899; buried in Alpha cemetery. 2, Harrold Aimer Davis", born 
April 12, 1884; married at Ault, Weld county, Colorado, November 10, 
1909, by Reverend William Simers, B. W. Lacy and Viola Lacy wit- 
nesses, Bertha M. Collins, born in Dresden, Muskingham county, Ohio, 
October 27, 1890. Child: 1, Laura Lugenia Davis", born at Ault, 
September 5, 1913. •. 

61. Elisha F. Johnson', (54) born in Mt. Pleasant township, < 
October 27, 1857; married in Auburn (Postoffice, Douglas), Fayette 
county, Iowa, February 26, 1880, Reubena, daughter of Robert and 
Charlottie (Anson) Patterson, born in Toronto, Canada, November 
12, 1857. 

He was fifteen years old when his parents moved from Wisconsin 
to Iowa, where he assisted in building the houses and mill, and the 
construction of the dam; after which he worked as "boy" in the mill, 
and attended public school, with a short term at business college in 
1877, fitting himself for bookkeeping; then commenced learning the 
millers' trade under the instruction of his future father-in-law, Robert 
Patterson, and from the standard system then in use has advanced 
with all new features introduced in the process of milling, and his 
knowledge of bookkeeping enabled him to have a thorough under- 
standing of costs and returns, so that whatever concern he was con- 
nected with, several of which he has had financial interests in, he had 
full knowledge of its condition in all branches, but conditions of mar- 
kets and other reasons have caused him many and frequent changes. 


1, Lottie B. Johnson', born at Alpha, February 25, 1881; married at 
West Union, September 2, 1908, Seth, son of Ed and Clara Mayo, born 
near Hawkeye, Fayette county, Iowa, January 1, 1886, who lives near 
Hawkeye and is a farmer. 2, Lena M. Johnson', born at Alpha, June 


LI, 1882; married at Wilbur, Saline county, Nebraska, October 2, 
1892, Robert Graham, son of John and Margaret (Graham) Bullock, 
)om in Morristown, New Jersey, February 28, 1875. He enlisted at 
lOmaha, Nebraska, July 2, 1898, in Company H, Second U. S. V. En- 
fgineers; was corporal and sergeant; is now miller for the Crete Mill- 
ing Company, Children, born at Crete: 1, Roy Johnson Bullock' % 
bom October 5, 1903. 2, Robert Graham, Jr., Bullock'", bom Febru- 
ary 27, 1905. 3, Edward R. Johnson% bom at Alpha, September 23, 
1883. 4, E. Grace Johnson', born at Crete, June 27, 1886; married, at 
Alpha, June 28, 1906, Clyde W., son of Emory and Mary ( ) 

Whitney, born near Hawkeye, February 22, 1884; he is a farmer and 
jobber. Children: 1, Guy C. Whitney'", born at Waucoma, May 1, 
1907; died at Waucoma, October 5, 1907; buried in Alpha cemetery. 
2, Olive H, Whitney'", born near Midland, South Dakota, March 21, 
1910. 5, Herbert S. Johnson", born at Crete, September 6, 1889; mar- 
ried at Alpha, February 23, 1910, Ellen L., daughter of Seth and 
Carrie (Paul) Clark, born at Alpha, December 30, 1893. He is a 
farmer, has two children, girls. 6, Ellen L. Johnson", born at Wilbur, 
Saline county, Nebraska, January 1, 1893. 7, Olive H. Johnson", born 
at Wilbur, August 24, 1894. 8, Margaret Johnson", born at Crete, 
April 25, 1899; died at Crete, October 28, 1900; buried in Crete ceme- 
tery. 10, Clarence A. Johnson", born at Crete December 14, 1901. 

62. RACHEL HusE Johnson', (12) [Elisha', John", 
Benjamin*, James, Jr.', James', Edmund'], born at Knox, 
May 27, 1817 ; married at Thorndike, September — , 1850, 
Thomas Baker, born April 29, 1809; she died April 29, 
1899, and is buried at Albion, in Shaw Corner cemetery. 


63. Eunice Rachel Baker", born June 30, 1854; died July, 1892. 

64. Martha A. Baker-, born October 14, 1858; married. 

1875, Fred E., son of Thomas and Roxana (Bragg) Clark. Children, 
bom at Albion: 1, Leander T. Clark", born February 6, 1879. 2, Isa- 
dore E. Clark", born February 19, 1884. 3, Ida M. Clark", born March 
6, 1892. 4, William E. Clark", born April 7, 1897. 

65. Mary Elizabeth Baker% born July 6, 1860; died at Albion, 
August — , 1863; buried in Shaw Corner cemetery. 

66. Abagail Johnson', (13) [Elisha', John", Benja- 
min*, James, Jr.*, James', Edmund'], born in Freedom, 
February 19, 1820; married, December 31, 1840, John R. 
Patch, born in Knox, January 19, 1814; she died in Knox, 
June — , 1882; he died August — , 1893, and both are 
buried in East Knox cemetery. 




67. Albert Patch% born February 1, 1843; died at Knox, Febri 
ary 20, 1868; buried in East Knox cemetery. 

68. Laura E. Patch', born , 1848; died at Knox, April 11^ 

1870; buried in East Knox cemetery. 

69. George K. Patch', born May 13, 1859; married at AugTista,] 
Kenebec county, June — , 1882, Carrie Jones. Children: 1, Albert J.* 
Patch% born April 22, 1883. 2, Leander Patch*. 

70. Christian Johnson', (14) [Elisha", John°, Benja- 
min*, James, Jr.% James', Edmund']. A woman of great 
physical ability, who has lived to the greatest age of any 
of her family; still possesses good health, and retains her 
mental faculties, clear and bright as ever; born in Free- 
dom, May 20, 1823 ; married in Freedom, by Reverend 
John True, April 22, 1840, Samuel N., son of Samuel and 
Abagail (Bussell) Tilton, born in Knox, January 26, 1816; 
a farmer, who died at Thorndike, March 15, 1892, and is 
buried in Knox Corner cemetery. 


71. Hannah Bussell Tilton% born October 7, 1843; married, 
March 24, 1874, Ora C, son of Robert and Roxana (Rackliff) Crosby, 
born at Albion, January 9, 1834; a farmer, who lived on the farm 
he settled on when first married until his death, October 12, 1906, and 
is buried in Crosby cemetery at Albion. Child: 1, Charles Elmer 
Crosby% born at Albion, August 25, 1875; a farmer and mail agent; 
married first, at Albion, June 18, 1902, Maria C, daughter of George 
and Hannah (Starbird) Fall, born in Boston, Suffolk county, Massa- 
chusetts, May 16, 1874; who died at Waterville, Kennebec county, 
Maine, February 2'8, 1906; buried in Albion cemetery; married sec- 
ond, at Albion, September 8, 1907, Vinnie E. Fall, sister of first wife; 
born in Boston, January 14, 1872. 

72. Isadore Estelle Tilton% born June 22, 1847; married, March 
25, 1862, Pardon J., son of Prince and Amelia (Tinkam) Bessey, born 
at Albion, September 15, 1843, who died at Albion, April 12, 1897; she 
died at Albion, December 18, 1870, and both are buried in Albion cem- 
etery, number four. Child, bom at Albion: 1, Elmer F. Bessey% born 

October 6, 1868; married at Benton, Kenebec county, Maine, , 

1895, Sadie Grant, born March 1, 1876. 

73. John Newton Tilton% bom November 22, 1850; married at 
Fort Fairfield, Aroostook county, Maine, January 2, 1888, Isadore, 
daughter of Amos and Martha (Putnam) Bishop, born at Fort Fair- 
field, June 11, 1861; a woman of forceful character, and though her 


[hildren missed the aid of a father, they never lacked for counsel and 

I ruidance; he died September 22, 1899. Children, born at Thorndike: 

1 f, Harrold B. Tilton% born September 29, 1889. 2, Christian M. Til- 

/ )on% born September 29, 1894. 3, John Malcolm Tilton% bom De- 

', i;ember 4, 1898. 

/ 74. Edward Greeley Tilton', born November 14, 1854; married, 
September 6, 1882, Rena M., daughter of Edward and Adelade (Phil- 
fbrick) Morton, born in Thorndike, July 27, 1858; he lives m Boston. 
[Child, bom in Maiden, Suffolk county, Massachusetts: 1, Earl Ed- 
/ward Tilton% bom July 7, 1883; he is a physician. 






Adams, Emma, 8, 11. 
Einsworth, James, 23. 
Andrew, Ernest, 22. 


Butler, Fay, 23. 
Harvey Gibson, 23. 
Hugh A., 23. 
Ida (Willis) 23. 
Robert Johnson, 23. 

Grace, (Curnow) 22. Butterfield, William, 8. 
Thomas, 22. Butters, Clara A., 11. 

Thomas Ernest, 22. George, 10. 

Marjorie, 11. 

Ralph, 11. 


Bacon, Emily, 19. 
Bailey, Dean, 12. 

Emery, 12. 

Fred, 12. 
Baker, Eunice Rachel, 

Martha A., 25. 

Mary Elizabeth, 25. 

Thomas, 7, 25. 
Banton, Joseph, 21. 

Lettie, 21. 
Beesey, Amelia, 26. 

Elmer F., 26. 

Pardon J., 26. 

Prince, 26. 
Bennett, Charles A., 21 
Berry, Edward A., 20. 
Bishop, Amos, 26. 

Isadore, 26. 

Martha (Putnam) 26 
Boulter, Carrie, 15. 

Clara. (Vickory) 15. 

Eugene, 15. 
Braun, Sally, 5. 
Brayton, Reuben C, 19 
Bridges, George, 22. 


Adoniram Judson, 23 

Ella Matilda (Lee) 23 

Ethel Fay, 23. 
Bullock, John, 25. 

Maragret, 25. 

Robert Graham, 25. 

Robert Graham, Jr., 

Roy Johnson, 25. 

Biinett, A. R., 18. 

Campbell, Catherine, 11 

Celia Ann, 11. 

Charles, 11, 12. 

Hector, 11. 

Madeline, 12. 

Myrtle, 12. 

Peter, 8, 11. 

Sylvester, 12. 

Thomas V., 12. 
Carter, Alta Martha, 21 

Alta Martha, 21. 

Bert Walter, 21, 22. 

Charles H., 21. 

Florence Josephine 

Georgia Etta, 22. 

Walter Stewart, 22. 
Clark, Carrie (Paul) 25 

Eliza (Brodbent) 20. 

Elizabeth, 7, 13. 

Ella, 20. 

Ellen L., 25. 

Fred E., 25. 

Ida M., 25. 

Isadore E., 25. 

Leander T., 25. 

Marion, 20. 

Mary E., 20. 

Orlando, 20. 

Roxana (Bragg) 25. 

Russell, 20. 

Samuel K., 20. 

Seth, 25. 

Stephen, 5. 

Thomas, 25. 

William E., 25. 
Coates, Ellen M.. 17, 18 

Jane, (Merely) 18. 

Mrs., 19. 

Reverend, 19. 

William H.. 18. 

Cole, Harvey, 23. 

Jasper F., 23. 

Maurice, 23. 

Nellie Jane, 23 

Norman, 23. 
Collins, Bertha M., 24. 
Cook, Herbert S., 21. 
Crockett, John, 6. 
Crosby, Charles Elmer, 

Ora C, 26. 

Robert, 26. 

Roxana (Rackliff) 26 
Crowe(ll, Ella Frances 
18, 19. 

Joshua, 19. 

Survina, (Cook) 19. 


Daniels, Elizabeth, 3. 

Robert, 3. 

Sarah, 3. 
Davis, Ada Estelle, 5. 

Aimer, 18, 22, 23. 

Ellie, 18, 22. 

Eunice, 22, 23. 

Harrold Aimer, 24. 

Laura Fay, 24. 

Laura Lugenia 24. 

Philander, 22, 23. 
Dawley, Cresceroye, 11 

C. H., 11. 

C. Rodney, 11. 

J. Morris, 11. 

Leo E., 11. 

Maud, 11. 

M. Toma, 11. 

Virgie H., 11. 
Deering, Judith, 11. 

Martha E., 8, 11. 

Thomas, 11. 
Densmore, Edwin, 13. 

Ora George, 13. 
Dinsmore, J., 19. 



Elder, Ann (Morrill) 7 

Elder, Caroline, 8. 

Christian 'Tilton, 8. 

Elijah, 7. 

Elizabeth, 8. 

Emily, 8. 

Hannah, 8. 

John, 8. 

Lois, 8. 

Martha Jane, 8. 

Mary Ann, 8. 

Simon, 8. 
Emery, John, 16. 

Fall. George, 26. 

Hannah, 26. 

Mariah C, 26. 

Vinnie E., 26. 
Fifleld, Alice Gould, 12. 

Ella Boyce, 12. 

Frederick T., 11. 

Marion Louise, 11. 

Sarah, 11. 

Thomas, 11. 
Flanders, Sally, 5. 

Flanigan. Mary, 21. 

Mary Etta, 18, 20. . 

Patrick, 21. 
Foss, Joseph, 12. 

Katherine, 12. 

Minnie, 12. 
Foster, Alice V., 10. 

Ann M., 8, 9. 

Ebenezar, 9. 

Epla, 10. 

Granville, 10. 

Harrold C, 10. 

Hellen Lindsey, 10. 

Polly, 9. 

Stephen, 10. 

Stephen Hill, 10. 

Wallace Lindsey, 10. 
Fuller, Ann (Sibley) 14 

Edward, 14. 

William S., 14. 


Giles, Frances, 14. 
Louisa, (West) 14. 
Stephen, 14. 

Gillman, Israel, 4. 
Gilpatrick, Abagail, 
8, 10. 

Abbie, 13. 

Alice A., 13. 

Arlo E., 10. 

Bertha L., 11. 

Bessie G., 11. 

Bradley, 9. 

Charles, 8, 10, 11, 13. 

Elisha, 8, 9. 

Elisha Jr., 10. 

Elmer, 9. 

Elsie May, 13. 

Ethel A., 11. 

Eurita Estelle, 13. 

Frank P., 9, 13. 

Franklin Pierce, 13. 

Frederick Johnson, 

George H., 9. 

Grant, 8, 10. 

Hannah Crosby, 8, 12 

Henrietta, 13. 

Henrietta V., 11. 

Herbert S., 13. 

Ivan Ross, 11. 

Ivan v., 13. 

Julia Ann, 9, 12. 

Kenneth. 13. 

Laura, 13. 

Leo E., 9. 

Leola M., 10. 

Louisa, 8, 11. 

Lyman, 8, 11. 

Margaret Mary, 11. 

Martha, 9. 

Mary, 8, 11. 

Mary O.. 13. 

Maud, 10. 

Minnie, 10. 

Molly H., 9. 

Ora, 9. 

Ora E., 9. 

Orlando Ham, 13. 

Paul E., 9. 

Philip Sheridan, 11. 

Rachel Augusta, 9. 

Ralph, 10. 

Rex Elisha, 9. 

Roland B., 13. 

Thomas, 7, 8, 13. 

Thomas Jr., 8, 9. 

Thomas Jr., Jr., 9. 

Verner E., 9. 

Victor Adelbert, 9. 

Walter, 10. 

Golden, Frances M., 13. 

Minnie, 10. 
Goodwin, Elma, 23. 

Fern, 23. 

Jesse O., 22. 

Jesse O. Jr., 22. 

Lois, 23. 

Sarah M., 22. 

Grant, Sadie, 26. 
Grimes. Joseph Lind- 
sey, 22. 


Hall, Joseph, 4. 
Hammond, C. L., 23. 
Harris, Amanda, 8, 9. 

Henzekiah, 9. 

Roxana, 9. 
Heyhoe, A. G., 23. 
Hilton, John, 12. 

Ruth E., 12. 
Hinkley, P. L., 22, 23. 
Hollister, Henry, 22. 

Hood, C. I., 15. 
Huse, Elizabeth, 6. 

John, 6. 

Molly, (Bean) 6. 

Rachel. 6. 
Hutchinson, Arthur, 15 


Irish, Belmont, 13. 
Hollis, 13. 
Ralph, 13. 
Watson, 13. 
Wilder B., 13. 

Johnson, Abagail, 7, 25 
Abbie E., 20. 
Achsa. 23. 
Ada Estelle, 18, 23. 
Andrew, 18. 
Benjamin, 4. 
Bertha M., 22. 
Bethia (Marston) 4. 
Charles Barron, 15. 
Charles E., 14, 15. 
Charles W., 20. 
Christian, 7, 26. 
Clarence, 15. 
Clarence A., 25. 



David Barron, 14. 
Dean, 23. 
Earl, 23. 
Edmund, 3. 
Edward R., 25. 
E. Grace, 25. 
Elisha, 6, 7, 8, 13, 15 
Elisha Jr., 7, 13, 14. 
Elisha F., 18, 24. 
Ellen L., 25 
Ellie 23 

Elizabeth (Clark) 14 
Elizabeth, 7, 15. 

Elizabeth (Mason) 4. 
Erie, 23. 
Pay, 23. 

Prances, (Giles) 14. 
Prank, 18, 22, 23. 
Prank W., 15. 
George Dana, 18, 20. 
Georgia Etta, 21. 
Gwendolin, C., 15. 
Hannah Matilda, 7. 
Henrietta L., 14. 
Herbert S., 25. 
Ira Vose, 15. 
James, 3. 4. 
James Jr., 4. 
Jennie A., 15. 
John, 4, 6. 
John Huse, 7. 
Joshua Sturgis, 20. 
Kate M., 22. 
Laura Ann, 20, 22. 

Lena M., 24. 
Lila, 23. 
Lottie B.. 24. 
Lyle, 23. 
Margaret, 25. 
Marie, 20. 
Martha A., 14. 
Mary, 3. 
Mary Ella, 20. 
Mary Huse, 7, 8. 
Mattie L., 15. 
Maud, 22. 

Maud Elizabeth, 15. 
Molly, (Smith) 6. 
Norma Gertrude, 23. 
Olive H., 25. 
Rachel, 7, 8, 13. 

Rachel Huse, 7, 25 
Raymond Earl, 23. 
Roy, 22. 
Samuel, 7, 15, 20, 22. 

Sarah (Daniels) 4. 

Volney L., 17, 18. 

Voltaire, 17, 18. 

Voltaire W., 16, 18, 

Wilbor, C., 15. 
Johnston, Joseph E., 16 
Jones, Betsy, 16. 

Carrie, 26. 

Cyrus Blood, 15. 

Jonathan, 15. 

Laura Ann, 7, 16. 
Jordan, Hannah, 12. 

Horace, 12. 

Horace Ivan, 12. 

Linwood C, 12. 


Kelley, Jane, 12. 


Lacy, Viola, 24. 

W. B., 24. 
Laughton, Martha R., 

Lindsay, Daniel, 10. 
Daniel Webster, 8, 

Elisha, 10. 
Ethel, 10. 
Frederick, 8, 11. 
.Josephine, 10. 
Martha, 10. 
Mary, 10. 
Thomas, 10. 
Thomas Jr., 10. 
Wallace, 10. 
Louge, Sarah, 9. 


Marsden, Gertrude. 23 

Jasper, 23. 

Wilda Elsie, 23. 
Marston, Bethia, 4. 

Bethia (Tuck) 4. 

John, 4. 
Mason, Elizabeth, 4. 

Elizabeth (Ward) 4. 

Jolm, 4. 
Mayo, Ed., 24. 

Clara, 24. 

Seth. 24. 

Moody, Bradstreet, 6. 

Mary, 8, 9. 

James, 9. 

Jane, 9. 
Morrison, Abagail, 4. 

Bradbury, 4. 

Elizabeth (Badger) 4 
Morton, Adelaid, 27. 

Edward, 27. 

Rena M., 27. 


McCloud, George, 11. 

Glade Gilpatrick, 11. 

Helen, 11. 

Kenneth, 11. 

Marjorie, 11 

Norman, 11. 
McGolrick, James, 20. 
MacKenzie, Erie, Mil- 
dred, 12. 

William, 12. 
McLaughlin, Bert C, 

Charles L., 13. 

Daniel E., 13. 

Franklin, C, 13. 

James, 13. 

Lewellyn, B., 13. 

Maurace A., 13. 

Thomas H., 13. 
McMinn, Darrell, 13. 

Prank, 13., 

Norman, 13. 


Nicholson, Catharine, 
(Springer) 20. 
Stella, 20. 
William, 20. 

Parker, Charles S., 19. 

Daniel M., 19. 

Sarah E., 19. 
Patch, Albert, 26. 

Albert J., 26. 

George K., 26. 

John R., 7, 25. 

Laura E., 26. 

Leander, 26. 
Patterson, Charlottie, 
(Anson) 24. 



Reubena, 18, 24. 

Robert, 22, 24. 
Perry, Agnes, 10. 
Peters, Betsy, 11, 12. 

Ithmar B., 12. 

Josephine Foss, 12. 

Lillian A., 12. 

Marcus, 11, 12. 

Mary, 8, 11. 

Rosland May, 12. 

Ruel P., 9, 12. 

Thomas Mott, 12. 

Van WarT, 12. 
Phillips, Frankie, 23. 

Jasper, 23. 

Lucy, (Scammon) 23 
Pierson, Albert, 13. 

Byrchard, 23. 

Ella, J., 9, 13. 

Susan, 13. 
Putnam, Arthur L., 20. 

Augustus David, 20. 

Emlin (Stephens) 20 

Margaret Emlin, 20. 


Reed, Alsa G., 13. 

C. Prectiss, 13. 

Ella A., 13. 

Henry E., 13. 

Leo G., 13. 

Loyd Z., 13. 

Paul E., 13. 
Renfro, M. S., 20. 
Rich, Almira C, 18, 19. 

Matilda (Berry) 19. 

Thomas, 19. 
Rickey, A. E., 23. 
Russell, Elizabeth, 13. 

Severence, Jennie Re- 
becca, 14, 15. 

Mary, 15. 

Reuben, 15. 
Simers, William, 24. 

Skillinger, Abbie A., 10 

Arthur, 10. 

Arthur Lyle, 10. 

Betsy, 8, 10. 

Cyrus, 10. 

Harriet, 10. 

Ina M., 10. 

Jeremiah, 10. 

Laurinda, 10. 

Lindsey, 10. 

Loyd, 10. 

Mattie C, 10. 

Raymond L., 10. 
Smith, Elisha, 5. 

Halmer, 20. 

Lucy, 20. 

Lydia (Norris) 5. 

Molly, 5. 
Snyder, Arthur, 20. 
Staples, Merritt, 19. 
Sulley, Alfred, 21. 


Taylor, Judge, 23. 
Tilton, Abagail, 26. 

Christian M., 27. 

Earl Edward, 27. 

Edward Greeley, 27. 

Hannah Bussell, 26. 

Harrold B., 27. 

Isadore Estelle, 26. 

John Malcomb, 27. 

John Newton, 26. 

Samuel, 26. 

Samuel N., 7, 26. 
Toung, Thomas, 4. 
Tracy, Frank, 12. 
Trask. Carrie, 9. 

Elias, 9. 

Eliza, 9. 
Treadwell, Arline, 12. 

Cynthia, 12. 

George, 12. 

James, 12. 

James Peters, 12. 

Munroe, 12. 

Neal, 12." 

True, John, 13, 26. 
Tuck, Almyra, 12. 

Dominicus, 8, 12. 

Judge, 12. 

Leo H., 12. 

Myra, 12. 

Myra M., 12. 

Virginia R., 12. 
Tweedie, Laura, 10, 


VanSickle, Sarah, 

(Burnett) 17, 18. 
Vesie, General, 6. 

Vose, Amanda, 15. 
Charles, 15. 
Carrie, 15. 
Edward, 14, 
Edwin Donald, 15. 
Eliza Ellen, 15. 

Fred N., 15. 
Job, 14. 
Job C, 15. 
Mary, (Clement) 14. 


Watkins, Louisa Al- 

cott, 9. 
Wear, Joseph Taylor, 5 
Webber, Captain, 23. 
White, Dexter, 10. 

Fay, 10. 
Whitney, Clyde W., 25 

Emory, 25. 

Guy C, 25. 

Mary, 25. 

Olive H., 25. 
Willis, Ann, 18, 19. 
(Bray ton) 

Lovina, (Evans) 19. 

Solomon, 19. 
Woodman, Joseph, 5. 
Wright, Edgar, 19. 
Wylie, J. M., 20. 


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